1:1 Program

12 Week Vitality Program ​

Where: Online

Price: Starting from £550

If you’re looking to improve your health with targeted attention, we understand that forming new habits and adopting a fresh mindset takes time. At the centre, the most effective way to achieve your health objectives is through dedicated support and guidance over an extended period.


The plan customises a comprehensive nutrition, supplement, and lifestyle plan for you, complemented by health coaching sessions. I collaborate with you closely for 12 weeks, delivering the encouragement, inspiration, and responsibility you need to achieve your wellness objectives.

All consultations are conducted online.

Once your program ends, you’ll have the knowledge and motivation to sustain the remarkable changes you’ve made in your life. Book a free 30-minute mini consultation to discuss how I can help you.

Personalised Nutritional Therapy and Health Coaching

When life gets incredibly busy, it’s easy to put our health on the back burner while we juggle numerous responsibilities. That’s precisely why my program is tailored to seamlessly integrate into your hectic lifestyle. You won’t have to make drastic alterations because I’m all about fostering sustainable, lasting improvements.

Whether you’re struggling with a chronic illness, battling digestive issues, dealing with energy fluctuations, or simply aiming to boost your overall well-being, rest assured, I’ve got your back. Your health journey doesn’t need to be a stressful, time-consuming endeavour. My programs make it practical, effective, and tailored just for you.

Personalised Nutrition for You

No one-size-fits-all approaches here! I understand that everyone is unique, and your health goals are specific to you. That’s why my program starts with a thorough assessment of your current health and lifestyle. From there, I create a personalised nutrition plan tailored to your needs, helping you achieve your goals.

Getting to the Root Causes

We don’t just address symptoms; we dig deeper to find the root causes of your health concerns. By understanding the underlying issues, we can create a more effective and sustainable plan for you.

Supplements and Laboratory Testing

In some cases, supplements and laboratory testing can provide valuable insights into your health. If necessary, we can incorporate supplements and interpret the results of laboratory tests to further enhance your wellness journey.

Holistic Health Coaching

Nutrition is just one piece of the puzzle. To achieve holistic wellness, we’ll also work on your mindset, goal setting, and overcoming obstacles. I’m here to provide guidance and support every step of the way.

Full Support Throughout Your Journey

You won’t be alone on this journey. I’m committed to providing full support, encouragement, and guidance throughout the journey. Your success is my success, and together, we’ll achieve your health and wellness goals.

How It Works

Step 1

Free 30-Minute Mini Consultation

This consultation allows me to discuss your health concerns and goals. It’s an opportunity to meet each other and ascertain the right path forward for you and book your start date.

Step 2

Health Questionnaire

Get the most out of your nutrition consultation by filling in a Health Questionnaire and recording what you eat for three days before. It’ll give me valuable insight into how to help you best reach your health goals!

Step 3

Initial Consultation

In our initial consultation, we have the chance to delve deeply into your health profile and dietary record. This enables me to gain a more comprehensive understanding of your objectives, background, and daily routine, so that I can formulate an initial nutrition plan tailored to your needs. All consultations are conducted online.

Step 4

Follow Up Consultations

The session frequency and quantity is determined by your chosen plan. Every session is client-centred, putting the spotlight on your immediate requirements, whether it’s meal inspiration, recipe guidance, mindset enhancement, goal setting, or obstacle overcoming. Throughout your journey, you’re never alone – I’m just an email or WhatsApp message away, ready to address any questions or concerns that may arise between our scheduled sessions. Your program is personalised and adaptable to ensure it best suits your unique needs and goals.

Step 5

Post-programme support

Our program operates with flexibility in mind. Once the initial program is successfully completed, we assess your evolving needs and objectives. Based on your specific requirements, we can create a customised program package designed to perfectly align with your ongoing health and wellness goals.

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