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NTG Nutrition is a weight management firm established in 2017 to help individuals reach their optimal health mentally and physically without restricting food groups or having to "diet." We know that the human body varies from person to person and requires different nutrition plans to achieve optimal health and body weight goals.

Our focus is to help people understand their bodies better and settle for a weight management and nutrition plan that works for them. NTG Nutrition specialises in all areas of weight management. This includes weight loss, weight gain, maintenance, and healthy eating.

We will help you create tailored, long-term solutions that fit your lifestyle regardless of how demanding that is. All our meal plans are created by a qualified Nutritionist who offers regular support and encouragement throughout your journey using online channels that work best for you.

Meet Shivani

Hi, I’m Shivani, a certified nutritional therapist and health coach. 

My Story

I know how challenging it can be to juggle a career and kids, while also dealing with health issues that affect your quality of life. I’ve been there myself. I used to struggle with hormonal imbalances, weight gain and low energy. Life was always on the go, but my health challenges were getting in the way of enjoying it fully.

This is when I discovered nutritional therapy and health coaching. I was shown the art of making small, realistic changes that would fit around my life and schedule. I learned how to nourish my body and mind with the right foods and habits. I also received the support and accountability I needed to stay on track and overcome any obstacles.

The results were amazing. I felt more energised, balanced and confident. I achieved my health goals and improved my overall well-being. I was so inspired by my transformation that I decided to pursue a career in nutritional therapy and health coaching, so I could help others with similar challenges.

My Mission

My mission is to empower you to take charge of your health and wellbeing. I want to help you create a personalised nutritional therapy plan that suits your needs and preferences. I want to support you with a holistic approach that addresses not only nutrition, but also mindset and goal-setting. I want to motivate you, keep you accountable and celebrate your successes.

Whether you want to lose weight, balance your hormones, improve your digestion, or simply feel better, I’m here to help you. Together, we can make your health goals a reality.


Qualified Nutritional Therapist and Health Coach
Over 10 years clinical experience
Experience in a wide range of health conditions
Holistic approach to health

NTG Nutrition has been specifically set up to so that I can use my education & personal experience to help individuals reach their goals (weight loss/gain/maintenance) & feel their best both mentally and physically whilst feeling full or having the need to “diet”.

These skills can be used for life and adapted according to your lifestyle and goals at any given point in time – so in a nutshell – invaluable.

From a corporate view, I have spent many years working within the corporate world before having children. Specifically, within Human Resources.

I understand the importance of the wellbeing benefits offered to employees and believe that educating employees on nutrition and daily lifestyle habits can prove invaluable.

We are currently living at a time where we are not only seeing a change in working habits (hybrid working), but obesity and mental health problems are on the rise. I strongly believe that understanding more about macronutrients, personal nutritional requirements and daily lifestyle can have a positive impact.

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Empowering individuals to thrive through nourishment and knowledge, unlocking their full health potential with personalised nutritional therapy and expert health coaching.

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