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Are you fed up of unsuccessfuly trying countless supplements promising to help with PCOS or Perimenopause symptoms? 

Have you tried various diets to shift the stubborn weight but seen little or no change?

I get it! It can be frustrating.

But don’t worry, I’m here for you.

Science has proven that effective nutrition and lifestyle modifications can have a significant impact  but only if it is tailored to YOU. 

At NTG Nutrition, we specialise in personalised, evidence-based, nutritional therapy and health coaching for weight loss , PCOS or Perimenopause .

My approach is all about personalised care and science backed solutions crafted just for you.

I’ll work with you to uncover your specific health goals, understand what YOUR body needs during this phase of life, the root causes driving YOUR symptoms and create a 360-degree plan that fits your unique needs, lifestyle, preferences, and health goals.

I am here to empower you with knowledge and tools to take back control of your body.


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Hi, I'm Shivani, Nutritional Therapist and Health Coach